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Thursday, March 22, 2007

On this day:

Clusterer + other plugins

Lately I have been very busy with commercial work, so I am not able to give much time to Open Source projects. But I still somehow managed to clean up the clusterer gem somewhat and has made a release 0.1.9, its actually a release candidate for 0.2.0. The gem has changed quite a lot, since the initial release, and its not backwards compatible. But there are several new features including Bayesian classifiers. The documentation is very sparse at this moment, but the examples and tests should help.

There is a new version of acts_as_classifiable . There was some incompatibility issue with the old version and Rails 1.2.*, this is fixed in the new release. The plugin now depends upon the clusterer gem and not classifier gem.
The new plugin can be downloaded from rubyforge:

Also there is a new release of acts_as_clusterable it can be downloaded from:

Please try out the gem and the plugins, and if you face any problems let me know.