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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On this day:

Ruby Clustering Library for Text Data

Few days back I came across, the Carrot Clustering Framework this inspired me to write something similar for Ruby. So, I started off with this project, and have right now implemented the basic K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering algorithms.

The first release can be downloaded from Rubyforge using the following command

gem install clusterer

The gem requires the stemmer gem, as a dependency.

There are also two example files which shows, how to use the library by clustering search results returned by Yahoo and Google. To try the example, the corresponding API key is needed.

Basically, one has to pass an array of strings to the clustering algorithm, and it will return the index of the clustered elements.

Clusterer::Clustering.kmeans_clustering(["hello world","mea culpa","goodbye world"])
Clusterer::Clustering.hierarchical_clustering(["hello world","mea culpa","goodbye world"])

The result might be something like [[1,3],[2]].

The method signature for K-means is as follows

def kmeans_clustering (docs, k = nil, max_iter = 10, &similarity_function)

K-means is a simple hill climbing algorithm, and can get stuck at local maxima, but it fast in nature. Just to ensure that the algorithm doesn't gets stuck in a state where it oscillates the max number of iteration is necessary.

When k=nil the algorithm finds k = Math.sqrt(docs.size) clusters.

def hierarchical_clustering (docs, k = nil, &similarity_function)

Hierarchical clustering gives much better results, but is comparatively slower, when data volume is quite high.

If you are using this gem in a live public facing site, then let me know; I would like to link to that.

Update: New release Clusterer + other plugins


At Thu Feb 22, 01:00:00 AM 2007, Blogger Jason said...

Is there anyway to give a score how close they are to the 'center' of that cluster? How about extracting the main keywords from the cluster as well? (including a score?)

At Fri Feb 23, 07:09:00 AM 2007, Blogger Surendra Singhi said...

Hello Jason,

Both are possible. To find out how close the document is to the center, compute the similarity between the document and the centroid.

And for extracting keywords, the centroid value of keywords can be used, ignore keywords with very high or low value.

I agree both of these should be accessible more directly.

I was working on the next version of the lib(look at svn) with lot many features, but then got too busy with commercial work, and now this project has taken a back seat.

At Tue Feb 27, 11:36:00 AM 2007, Blogger Jason said...

aw... it is a shame you no longer have as much time to work on this :)

nevertheless, I shall continue to hope to hear more from you soon!

At Fri Jun 29, 02:43:00 PM 2007, Anonymous p said...

Is there some way output the clustered components without having the input stemmed permanently?

Clustering::Clustering.cluster(:kmeans, ...., :no_stem => true, :tokenizer => :simple_ngram_tokenizer)

The above code appears to stem the input anyway.

Lastly, when you're trying to cluster sentences the clusterer gem seems to break those sentences apart, is there anyway to avoid this?

At Sat Aug 30, 08:10:00 AM 2008, Blogger adam said...

wow great tool this but after using successully ive just run into a problem.

]im feeding data ive scraped fro ebay into your clusterer. I first divide the data into similiar groups first and then use clusterer to help improve results. On this set of strings however cluster hangs and doesnt print any iteration counts. Im using kmeans ( hierarchy works fine for these strings but it takes too long due to the size of all the data.). How can i prevent clusterer hanging without changing the data passed nor the algorithm?

here is hte array

["nikon -50mmf1.2 lens same f1.2 aperture as noct nikkor",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
"nikon ai nikkor -50mmf1.2 s ai-s",
"nikon -50mmf1.2 lens same f1.2 aperture as noct nikkor",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
"nikon -50mmf1.2 lens same f1.2 aperture as noct nikkor",
"nikon ai nikkor -50mmf1.2 s ai-s",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
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"nikon ai nikkor -50mmf1.2 s ai-s",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
"nikon -50mmf1.2 lens same f1.2 aperture as noct nikkor",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
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"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****",
"nikon ai-s ai s nikkor -50mmf1.2 s/n 40****" ]

i know it doesnt need clustering, its just a coincidence thats how it came from ebay so i need clusterer to be able to handle incidents such as these.
any help greatly appreicated.
keep up the good work.

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