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Monday, December 12, 2005

On this day:

My First Post

This is my first post on this blog. Instead of just soliloquizing my ideas and interesting stories, through this blog I hope to share them with you. I am not writing this blog with an alias, so don't expect any raunchy or streamy content on it, but I will do try to keep you entertained.

Last night, or rather last morning I made the release of wxCL. It was pain going through the sourceforge release mechanism, one has to first ftp the files into sourceforge server, and then make the release. By mistake I had ftped wrong files, and made a release. Then when I realized my mistake, I went back and deleted the released files, now when I was trying to ftp the new release files, I was getting ftp error messages. For half an hour I tried different things but to no avail, finally I realized that I had forgotten to change directory in the sourceforge ftp server before ftping files. I don't understand why can't they provide a simple web interface to upload release files.

Today I have to grade the homework 4 of the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course for which I am a TA. But, I am hardly getting any motivation to do so. I have to also send personal emails to at least 5 people, but I am feeling lazy about that as well, I have been procrastinating this for more than a month. First I had the excuse of being busy with school and thesis work, but now I don't have any such excuse. I hope I will positively do that tomorrow.


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